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woodstain explanation

Are versatile decorative wood treatments designed to colour the surface while keeping the texture and allowing the wood grain to show through. Traditional stains can be transparent (most grain showing least durable), semi transparent (some grain show) or opaque (little grain showing, most durable). This concept in modern stains makes them versatile protective exterior coatings in a range of colours and sheens.

Woodstains can either be water based or solvent based. Inside the home, stains called colourwashes are commonly used to brighten up furniture and other surfaces and these are mainly water based. Often a clear protective coating is applied as a final coat Varnishes and Lacquers.

Product Type
Where to Use
Smooth planed wood eg doors, window frames, cladding, garden furniture, gates etc
Water-based woodstains are known as "quick dry", and are available in gloss and satin finishes. They stain and waterproof, resist cracking and peeling, and protect from the sun. Apply using brushes, re-coat in approx. 4hrs; clean up brushes in soapy water. There are some interior & exterior woodstains which stain and varnish in one. 1 coat coverage products are also available.
NOTE: Ordinary solvent based woodstains exist which require longer before re-coat and brushes need to be cleaned in white spirit.
TIP: For best results stain in the direction of the grain! Shake woodstain before opening it disperses the pigment and the deposit on the inside of the lid will be a good indicator of the finish colour.
Exterior Varnishes Doors, window frames and garden furniture These seal and protect surfaces; can also be used to coat paint, stains and other coloured wood finishes. Come in clear gloss and satin; are commonly solvent based. Are very durable, offer good UV protection, resist blistering and cracking.
Timbercare Rough sawn wood gates, sheds and fences For quick-drying decorative protection. Contains wax, giving water repellant properties. 1 coat products are available.
Garden Colour Stains Rough/planed garden wood furniture, sheds, fences, planters, trellis etc Water-based so quick-drying, with low odour but are also tough and durable, with colours resisting fading. Dry to a matt finish. Normally brush-applied though roller and spray application products are available
Decking Stains Timber decking, slats Available in water based and solvent based formulas. Give a hardwearing, scuff-resistant matt finish and offer waterproof protection.
Wood Preservers For all exterior wood Prevent wood rot and decay by penetrating deep into wood. Also with water-repellant properties; come in a range of colours
Wood Oils For exterior hardwoods eg decks Wood oils both weatherproof and nourish the wood, replacing natural oils lost through weathering.
NOTE: rags used to apply wood oils are flammable! Make sure oily rags are placed in a metal water filled container and sealed before disposal.
Wood Sealers For exterior wood These give protection against moisture penetration, thereby helping prevent wood from splitting, cracking and peeling.
NOTE: Always read the manufacturers guideline for each product as there may be variations to the general information given in the section

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