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ͧ鹡ѹʹ ⨵ѹ ͵ Jotun Pilot Primer Orange
Ҥ 1,850.00
 850.00   ԺԹҹС
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Product description

Pilot Primer is a fast drying, alkyd based primer with zinc phosphate as active corrosion preventing pigments. This 
product is certified not to spread surface flames, IMO FTPC Part 5 (IMO Res. A.653(16)) / IMO FTPC Annex2 Item 2.2. 
Compliant in the UK and Ireland as a primer/finish as per environmental protection act guidance PG6/23. 

Recommendation of use

As primer for steel and aluminium structures in moderate, non aggressive environments. Pilot Primer is fast drying 
and resistant against dry heat up to 120°C. 

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